I Love The U.S.A.

I sit here pondering the news and I see Robert DeNiro was awarded an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts from Brown University. He spoke at their commencement and said that ” America was once ‘an inspiring uplifting drama’ but has now turned into “a tragic dumb–s comedy.”

Well, given your awards and reputation as an actor Mr. DeNiro, I feel that you are one of the main characters in this comedy. What a “line” to call the President of the United States, Donald Trump an idiot. I maintain sir that you are the idiot.

You dropped out of High School to become a court jester or actor as they are now called and you portend to know that progressive left is the way to go instead of conservative right. It is so –You are in my opinion an idiot!!!

What a Country!

I used to be so proud of my country. Now after the “Establishment’s” scourging of a good man like Donald Trump. I am disgusted. Why did such a successful man like Donald Trump decide to become president? It’s because he wants to make America Great Again!! Good luck Mr President, you have a tough fight on your hands from people who claim to be Americans. Please don’t stop fighting for us, we love you!