Governor Mike Huckabee- A Great Person!!

Governor Mike Huckabee says “Hate Wins Again” and he is correct as usual. The left, humanists, social progressives, atheists, all hate conservative religious believers and those of us who believe in traditional Judeo-Christian values like Marriage is between a Man and a Woman. What a country we have become. It is so sad. Oh well, another piece of media I wont patronize, Country Music!!!! It joins Motion Pictures and Broadway.

What a Country!!

This is a great country as evidenced by idiots like:
Joy Behar
Robert DeNiro
John Lewis
Sean Penn
Maxine Waters
being able to attack the President of the United States like they do without recourse. Dear God please keep us free!

3 Cheers to Martha MacCallum

It is astonishing that garbage from Trump hating left wing people like Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC can continue to be spewed over the airways. Thank God for honest people like Martha MacCallum who can single out the “garbage spewers” like O’Donnell and take them to task.

Keep up the great work Martha MacCallum and thank you!!!

Please Dear God Bless General Kelly

I listened to General Kelly last night and kept praying for him and his family. What a great man! His words were perfect to describe a situation which escapes normal logic. The empty barrels, the insensitivity the left wing nonsense exemplified by that idiot congresswoman in a cowboy outfit. In my opinion she should go ride a bull because she is full of bull.

Keep up the great work General Kelly; thank God we still have great people like you and Mr Trump leading our country.

Oh The Good Old Days!!

I so enjoyed Steve Allen, Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. I began to enjoy Jimmy Fallon until he got too much Trump material. The point is that I never watched Letterman nor will I watch Colbert or Kimmel. Their brand of sarcasm and so called humor is past me. I will go back to Jimmy Fallon when he comes completely off Trump so called humor.

Why Has the USA Decayed So Much!!

What an informative week. After listening to Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and that unbelievably childish Donny Deutsch I now know how our once great country has decayed so badly. In my opinion, Progressives like these three have been decaying the USA for the last 8 years, at least.

Donny should go play with his marbles like a good little boy and Mika and Joe should find a new hobby like exploring caves.

Who on earth needs to hear anything these three have to say.

I Love The U.S.A.

I sit here pondering the news and I see Robert DeNiro was awarded an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts from Brown University. He spoke at their commencement and said that ” America was once ‘an inspiring uplifting drama’ but has now turned into “a tragic dumb–s comedy.”

Well, given your awards and reputation as an actor Mr. DeNiro, I feel that you are one of the main characters in this comedy. What a “line” to call the President of the United States, Donald Trump an idiot. I maintain sir that you are the idiot.

You dropped out of High School to become a court jester or actor as they are now called and you portend to know that progressive left is the way to go instead of conservative right. It is so –You are in my opinion an idiot!!!

What a Country!

I used to be so proud of my country. Now after the “Establishment’s” scourging of a good man like Donald Trump. I am disgusted. Why did such a successful man like Donald Trump decide to become president? It’s because he wants to make America Great Again!! Good luck Mr President, you have a tough fight on your hands from people who claim to be Americans. Please don’t stop fighting for us, we love you!