What a Country!

I used to be so proud of my country. Now after the “Establishment’s” scourging of a good man like Donald Trump. I am disgusted. Why did such a successful man like Donald Trump decide to become president? It’s because he wants to make America Great Again!! Good luck Mr President, you have a tough fight on your hands from people who claim to be Americans. Please don’t stop fighting for us, we love you!

Judge Gorsuch

Mark Levin refers to Senator Schumer as “Schmukie” Schumer which he has proven to be in the Judge Gorsuch story. “Schmukie” trained as an actor and surely he is in this tragic script. He is a paramount reason that I favor term limits for congressional members.

Make America Great Again!

The last eight years of socialist administration led by figurehead or puppet Obama and a huge list of cronies led by puppeteer Soros, has done massive damage to a country I know and love called the United States of America. The secularism and progressive behavior that allows so much mayhem as we have today is bad change. I pray to God that he give the Grace to President Trump to make America Great again.

What a Country We Have Become!!

What has happened to the great Country we once called the United States of America (USA). We have under the current administration become the disjointed states of america or DSA. Forty-nine people killed by a muslim Jihadist. When will we declare war on Jihadists? Is Obama a muslim and incapable of governing our country in time of war with Islamic Jihadists? The problem with the country is not Right Wing Conservatives with guns but rather Left Wing Liberal do gooders who received a Noble Peace Prize. We are no better off than we were when we revolted from Britain. What a mess!!!